Wednesday 22 April 2015

Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw

Thanks to Frances Gough and Headline/Tinder Press, I recieved a copy of this in exchange for an honest review....

"In Japan we have a saying: If you want to see your life, you have to see it through the eyes of another. But what if what you see is not what you want to know"

 The story starts off taking us to a rainy Paris where retired police Inspector Jovert receives a letter from a woman claiming to be his daughter.  On that same day, he receives a curious visit from Japanese professor Omura, who wants to tell him a tale of his ward, Fumiko, and his old friend, Ikedo.  As Jovert starts pieceing together the puzzle of Omura's life, he can't help but draw parallels with his own, for he too has lead a life that's been extraordinary and dangerous - and based upon a lie.

This book started off really well and I was gripped and intrigued, it is a very well constructed, a well written novel and while I can appreciate that others could enjoy this book but I’m afraid it left me indifferent.  I found parts of it confusing and found myself flicking back a couple of pages to re-reading it again and I also found myself at times skimming through parts of it also, sadly it wasn't for me as I thought there were too many characters and their stories been intertwined in this novel.

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