Friday 24 April 2015

Don't Turn Around by Caroline Mitchell

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley I received an ARC of this in exchange for an honest review....

This story is based and set in Haven where not much really happens until D.C. Jennifer Knight is called out to deal with a routine stabbing between a local down and out drug dealer Johnny Mallet and a well known retired criminal Mike Stone, she doesn't think anything of it except a drug deal gone bad.
But something isn't right here.  Jennifer's questioning of herself throughout this book, is Jennifer losing it or is there something else happening? As the body count rises, there's something more  Is someone trying to send her a message from beyond the grave and if so, who??

And then there's Frank, Caroline has put so much depth and thought into this character that at times I could feel him beside me, breathing on me (maybe I shouldn't have read it at night in bed) but at times you can't help feeling a bit sorry for him and I was feeling this way when reading it.

The characters worked so well together, Jennifer with her neglected childhood and her own secrets and Will her partner and their special connection.  I loved them both, they'd a great working relationship that came across really well in the story and there were a few parts where I was laughing at the two of them with the banter they were having with each other.

When I first read the blurb about this book and that it was paranormal, I was a bit apprehensive about it as I don't really think paranormal works well in books but how wrong was I!?  This was a fantastic debut novel by Caroline Mitchell.  It was certainly a creepy story that had me hooked from the prologue, an excellent thriller, Caroline was able to add a certain twist to the story that I wasn't expecting and took me completely out of my comfort zone.  There were parts in the book I could feel my heart thumping so it's definitely not for the fainthearted.  I am really looking forward to Caroline's next book already where I'm hoping it won't be too long until another DC Jennifer Knight Novel is upon us (no pressure).

This is available on Kindle and in all good bookstores and is published on 24th April  2015.

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