Thursday 2 April 2020

NEW RELEASE ~ The Secret of Eveline House by Sheila Forsey

In 1949 and into the 1950s the people of Ireland lived by a strict moral religious code. Little mercy was shown by the church, the state or indeed society on anyone who ignored this code. This is where this story begins.

The Secret of Eveline House is set in 1949 and the present day.

It’s 1949 in Draheen and playwright Violet Ward, her husband Henry a renowned jeweller, and their young daughter Sylvia have returned to Ireland from London to take up residence in Eveline House. 
But Violet has broken the rules. Her writing is banned in Ireland and labelled immoral. The people of Draheen are hostile to her. Her very being there outrages them.

In 2019 Emily O’Connor buys her dream house in Draheen. Eveline House is like a time capsule, locked up since 1950, still full of personal possessions and hauntingly beautiful photographs of the family that once lived there. A family that seems to have abruptly walked out of their lives and disappeared through the cracks of time.

Emily soon realises that Draheen is a town of cruel secrets – secrets which are about to impact on her life in ways she could never have imagined. 
Sheila Forsey is an honours graduate from Maynooth in Creative Writing. Her writing is inspired by Ireland’s complex and difficult past.

"A thrilling and beautifully written mystery, Sheila Forsey’s atmospheric page turner is alive with intrigue and mystery from first sentence to last." Niamh Boyce.

The Secret of Eveline House-Tangled-Secrets-ebook

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