Tuesday 28 January 2020

REVIEW ~ Big Woods by May Cobb

It's 1989 when ten year old Lucy disappears the sleepy town of Longview in Texas where there have been a string of other unsolved kidnappings and Lucy's parents, the police, and the community all brace themselves for the worst news, assuming her body will soon be found in Big Woods just like the others.

But Lucy’s fourteen year old sister Leah, starts having dreams about Lucy and these dreams reveal startling clues as to what happened. Leah begins her own investigation where no-one seems to believe her from the police to her parents but she soon she meets a reclusive widow who may hold the key to finding Lucy but this is only if she can find the courage to come forward.

Well, I didn't like it, I absolutely LOVED it. It was such a brilliant debut novel, packed full of mystery, emotion, thrills and spills, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Set over a 3 month period and each chapter alternating between Leah and the widow I had to find out would she find her little sister Lucy or would she be too late?

This novel delves into the paranoia surrounding cults in the 1980's and everything in the novel had a definite 1980's nostalgia to it. It even read like it was a novel from the 1980's not 2019, May has everything researched and well written to a T! I'd even go as far as to say I'd love to see this as a movie.

Big Woods is a dark read in places but is an emotionally charged thriller where I felt an enormity of grief and sadness in parts of the story too especially with Leah and Lucy's parents and what it did to them but also gives you hope of the magical bond between these sisters and a small town's dark and sinister secrets. I'll definitely be more cautious when I go walking in forests again (just incase) after reading Big Woods.


Big Woods is available in all good bookstores, libraries, on audio and on Kindle where it is currently £8.15 at the time of publication of this review.

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