Friday 29 June 2018

REVIEW ~ Hangman by Daniel Cole

With huge thanks to Lauren Woosey from Orion Books, I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review............

How do you catch a killer who's already dead?

Eighteen months have passed, but the scars the Ragdoll murders left behind remain.  DCI Emily Baxter is summoned to a meeting with US Special Agents Elliot Curtis of the FBI and Damien Rouche of the CIA in New York. Shortly after she arrives, she is presented with photographs of the latest copycat murder, a body contorted into a familiar pose, strung up impossibly on the other side of the world, at The Brooklyn Bridge to be exact with the word BAIT carved deep into its chest.
As the media pressure intensifies, Baxter is ordered to assist with the investigation and attend the scene of another murder to discover the same word scrawled across the victim, carved across the corpse of the killer - PUPPET.

As the murders continue to grow in both spectacle and depravity on both sides of the Atlantic, the team helplessly play catch up. Their only hope: to work out who the 'BAIT' is intended for, how the 'PUPPETS' are chosen but, most importantly of all, who is holding the strings.
Daniel Cole is back with Hangman, the follow up to Ragdoll which featured a new detective in the form or William "Wolf" Fawkes and I was very excited to read the follow on after that cliffhanger last few sentences that was in Ragdoll which left me open mouthed.

DCI Emily Baxter is the main focus within this novel and I LOVED her, she was such a kickass character, it was full of thrills and spills and I couldn't turn the pages quick enough. A little far fetched in places but with the bit of humour thrown into the mix to balance it out, it is quite an enjoyable read and once again the way Daniel writes the last sentence brings it nicely into the anticipation of the third novel which I'm hoping that it won't be too long until we catch up with our favourite characters yet again.


Hangman is available from all good bookshops, libraires, on audio and on Kindle where it is currently £5.99 at the time of publication of this review.

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