Monday 7 March 2016

The Principle of Evil by T.M.E. Walsh

Thanks to Carina UK, I received a copy of this as part of the #CarinaCrimeClub in exchange for an honest review.......

DCI Claire Winters and her team are back in the second book in the series to investigate another case involving a body that has been found in a frozen lake around Guy Fawkes night but the victim, a prostitute had been reported missing by her to friends only days earlier.  As the investigation into her death gathers pace, the pathologist that has examined the body and discloses how the victim was killed, they get another phone call comes in that another girl, a solicitor is also reported missing by her husband but as the body count mounts up it's a race to uncover the twisted mind behind the crimes. Claire finds herself in a race against time to connect the dots between a host of devastating secrets but as Claire begins to get closer to the victim’s family what it reveals turns her murder case into something far more sinister.....

I didn't like it, I LOVED it, I thought it was much better than the first book For all Our Sins, it was fast paced with twists and turns right from the start.  I did have my suspicions and I didn't know who to trust either.  I felt that DCI Claire Winters' character was much stronger in this book than in the first.  The sociopath character was absolutely brilliant, very well written and cleverly constructed.  They were everything you'd expect with a sociopath - cold, calculating, manipulating and has no regard for anyone's feelings or who they hurt on their path of destruction.  At times, I could feel I was right there with the victims.

I am looking forward to reading more from T.M.E. Walsh and hope it won't be too long until another DCI Claire Winters book is amongst us.

The Principle of Evil is available on Kindle and is currently £2.99 at the time of publication of this review and For All Our Sins is currently 99p.

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