Thursday 11 September 2014

One Wish by Maria Duffy

When Londoner Becky Greene moved to Ireland, she was ready for a fresh start and to leave her dysfunctional family far behind. But when she discovered that she was pregnant after a one-night stand, all of a sudden she had more than herself to think about.

Fast-forward four years and now her daughter Lilly is asking questions about her father. Tracking down the high-flying property developer, Dennis Prendergast, is the last thing Becky wants to do, but she reluctantly admits that Lilly has a right to know who her father is. But when Becky finally locates Dennis, she discovers that his life has taken a very different route. And finding out he has a daughter is definitely not in his five-year plan.

Can people every really change? That’s what Becky sets out to discover and as she comes to know the person Dennis is now, she discovers a lot more about herself in the process.

I was at Maria Duffy's book launch of One Wish on 10th July in Dubray Books on Grafton Street, this is her forth novel, she's also written Any Dream Will Do, The Terrace and The Letter.

 I knew that I was going on holiday for a week in September so I decided to keep this to read until then & I wasn't disappointed, I had it read in just over a day and couldn't put it down, it was such a heart-warming, uplifting story.  This story had it all from love, family, protectiveness to more sensitive and hard-hitting issues with a little bit of humor thrown in - I found I had a little tear in my eye at the end along with shedding a few along the way, so grab this book, curl up on the couch and prepare to have a few lump in your throat moments too.

This book is available on Kindle & in all good bookstores.

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