Saturday 24 March 2018

REVIEW ~ To Catch A Rabbit by Helen Cadbury

When a dead woman is slumped against the door of a grubby trailer. She's on Sean Denton's patch, but who is she, how did she get there, and why doesn't CID want to investigate? As Doncaster's youngest PCSO, Denton takes the case into his own hands, but he's way out of his depth.

And when people are been reported missing and Denton must work backwards, before anyone else falls prey to South Yorkshire's murky underworld of migrants and the sex trade.

To Catch A Rabbit is the debut crime novel from Helen Cadbury and the introduction to a new series and a great character in the shape of a young Community Support Officer, Sean Denton.

I really loved this book and it had me gripped from the first few pages, right until the end and to be honest I can't believe this was a debut novel, it was put together so well. I'd so many suspicions and didn't know who to trust. It reminded me a little bit of an episode of The Bill also as I was reading it and I really loved that show. I'm just sorry that I never read Helen's books before she sadly passed away almost 2 years ago but I'm delighted I started reading her series after having a few people recommend Helen's books to me. I look forward to reading the next installment in the Sean Denton series which is Bones in the Nest.

To Catch A Rabbit is available from all good bookstores, libraries and on Kindle where it is currently £1.89 at the time of publication if this review.

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