Monday 11 August 2014

The Life You Left by Carmel Harrington

Sarah is happily married or so she thought to Paul & they've 3 young children until one day she receives an email from Paul to say that he won't be home that night which changes her life forever. Carmel develops each character so that you really feel like you know them. I love how the storyline came together, it was a busy one but never did she make me feel like I was lost. I did really want to get mad at Paul for how he picked up and left but this book had a very different approach to the subject and in the end I had shed a few tears. 

The Life You Left had much more of an edge to it than that with the fascinating addition of Sarah’s guardian angel Edward who only Sarah can see & hear. I loved this concept and the way it affected Sarah’s everyday life and I was always interested in Edward’s role as Sarah tried to rebuild her life and support her family.

After a great start to this book, I loved how it just kept getting better. The Life You Left had everything – from family, love, protectiveness to more harder-hitting and sensitive issues.

If you are looking for an escapist read; grab this book, a packet of tissues, a glass of wine and some cupcakes. Switch off, relax and enjoy!  I really enjoyed Carmel's second book. It kept me turning the pages to the end. Good mix of mystery and romance & I think all of us can say we've a guardian angel looking over us or have done at some stage in life as I know I have.

This book is available on kindle & in all good bookshops.


  1. Great review, Celeste. Thanks for posting. I agree with your "edge" comment wholeheartedly.

    1. Thanks Lynn Marie, I'm thrilled to hear your feedback :D Xx