Saturday 16 August 2014

Into The Night Sky by Caroline Finnerty

Thanks to Poolbeg Press I received a copy of this for an honest review..... 

Into the Night Sky is the story of four people who come into each others lives when they are each in need of a friend and how the bonds that form, change them all forever more.

Ella Wilde is a TV presenter who is married to Dan and they've 3 children.  She has everything until one day she's caught shoplifting and her world starts to fall apart when she looses her job, her husband doesn't want to know her, but is there more to Ella’s problems than just what appears on the surface as she struggles to deal with the weight of public disgrace and adjust to life away from the TV cameras?

Conor Fahy is Ella Wilde's best friend and is the owner of struggling bookshop Haymarket Books and is finding it hard to cope with everyday life since the tragic death of his partner, Leni.

 Jack White is eight years old. He loves Ben 10, Ronaldo, Giant Jawbreaker sweets and reading adventure books on the floor of Conor's book shop where they strike up an unlikely friendship. He likes his Dad (when he doesn’t shout).  He doesn’t like the bad monsters that are eating up his ma inside her tummy.

Rachel Traynor is the social worker assigned to Jack White’s case but sorting out chaotic family disputes is taking its toll on her. And it doesn’t help that she has had to say goodbye to the man she loves under heartbreaking circumstances.

This was a very bittersweet & heart-warming read, the story flows well throughout the book.  I really enjoyed Caroline's third book which I read in 2 days, it kept me turning the pages until the very end. This story had it all a little bit of humor, love, family, protectiveness to more sensitive and hard-hitting issues - I found I had a little tear in my eye at the end along with shedding a few along the way, so grab this book, curl up on the couch and prepare to have a few lump in your throat moments too.  It definitely didn't disappoint.

This is Caroline Finnerty's 3rd novel, she has also written In A Moment & The Last Goodbye which are both available on Kindle & in all good bookstores.  I would like to say Thank you to Poolbeg Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

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