Friday 30 November 2018

BLOG TOUR ~ Good Samaritans by Will Carver

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Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for Good Samaritans by Will Carver where I've a review from his latest novel. I was thrilled to be asked by Anne Cater from Random Book Tours to take part along with some other fab book bloggers. You can find out who else is taking part in this fabulous Blog Tour at the end of the review so without further ado, here it is:

With huge thanks to Karen Sullivan, Orenda Books, Will Carver and Anne Cater I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.........

One crossed wire, three dead bodies and six bottles of bleach.

Meet Seth Beauman, he can’t sleep. He stays up late, calling strangers from his phonebook hoping to make a connection, while his wife, Maeve, sleeps upstairs. A crossed wire finds a suicidal Hadley Serf on the phone to Seth, thinking she is talking to a member from The Samaritans Helpline. But when a seemingly harmless, late-night hobby turns into something more for Seth and for Hadley, soon their late-night talks are turning into day-time meet-ups. Unfortunately this dysfunctional love story turns into something much darker altogether, when Seth brings Hadley home, someone is watching.......

Well, where do I start, I found this review quite difficult to just put the words onto paper without giving much away. However, I enjoyed this book, it started off really well, then felt it slowed quite a lot and then just over halfway it picked right back up again with a bang. I will just warn that there is a lot of explicit scenes which are quite descriptive and I'm not prudish at all but some readers might find it an uncomfortable read at times but don't let that put you off.  It was a bonkers of a read too, I wasn't expecting the way the story developed at all but overall a really enjoyable read. Parts of this book kind of reminded me of the movie American Psycho starring Christian Bale. Seth Beauman was a very interesting character as was his wife, Maeve. Will Carver definitely has a warped mind with this book. This is my first time to read a book by Will and it definitely won't be my last.

Definitely Recommended.

Good Samaritans is available in all good bookstores, libraries, on audio and Kindle where it is currently £1.99 at the time of publication of this review.

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