Wednesday 7 September 2016

The Fallout by Margaret Scott

Thanks to Poolbeg, I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review......

Set in The International Financial Services Centre, Dublin, where the offices of the German Commercial Bank DKB are based but the dust of the banking crisis has barely set when two letters arrive and it tells the story of 4 women, Kate O'Brien, Mary Lawlor, Leona Blake and Olivia Sharpe and their daily struggles both inside the job and in their home lives.

Kate has recently comeback to work in the bank after taking a short career break to have her children.  She want's to just come in and do her job and go home with as little stress or drama as possible but is she going to get her wish or has she her own agenda??

Mary has worked at DKB for so long that she can see things that aren't going right, she's been here before and could the same things be about to happen again??  She is tired of been taken advantage of by everyone and it's got to stop.

Leona is in charge and has a job to do and will get it done no matter how and what the cost. She's not a very nice or popular person at times and to be honest she doesn't quite care. But as her whole life starts to collapse around her, will she finally realise that she might loose everything.

Olivia is a very timid person and has started to write things down.  She has been treated very badly in her time with the bank and now she has a chance to take control on things and get the justice she deserves but what has happened to her and will she get it??

I enjoyed The Fallout, it was very well researched, constructed and written.  I could relate to nearly every persons story in The Fallout as I worked in the Financial Services for years and I worked with every single one of these characters and at times I felt I was right there with them. I could feel the pressure of the financial services all over again as I was reading it, from thinking about the banking crisis, been on high alert as soon as you were told the "Bigwigs" were coming down from Head Office, the early starts and the late finishing, the way the staff were treated by customers and high ranked staff and management to the bullying, it was all there.
This is Margaret Scott's second novel and would be an ideal beach read for any upcoming holidays. It's currently £4.17 on Kindle at the time of publication of this review so grab it while you can, you won't be disappointed.

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